Monday, May 22, 2006

MOO-chas Gracias!!!

Moo-chas Gracias cow was a fun twist on "muchas gracias" meaning many thanks in Spanish. This cow is inspired partly by lavishly embellished American western wear, Mexican densely embroidered clothing, and Mexican mariachis. The styles combined are a colorful, flamboyant mix of tradition, art and folklore. Envision a romantic singing "vaquero" (cowboy), what could be more appropriate? Moo-ey Guapo !

MOO-chas Gracias was created by Mary Galli
Mary Galli is a painter and creator of three-dimensional artwork who often reinvents "found" objects with a keen trash-to treasure sensibility. She has an enthusiasum for folk art, particularly Mexican, which clearly influences her work.

Mary Galli
works in a variety of mediums, from found objects to paper-mache, acrylics, oils, and watercolors. After graduating from Framingham State College, she worked teaching art & music appreciation at a day program for internationally renowned artists with disabilities. Currently she works independently specializing in creating individualized art instruction for people with special needs.
She resides in Somerville, MA and has been involved throughout the years in the Somerville Art Council's grant committee; Art Beat Festivals, and Windows Art Projects. Her fondness for travel and indigenous traditions merited her to become an assistant to one of the top folk art dealers in Boston, organizing multicultural artist demonstrations, international cultural tours, and community events.
It is unmistakable that in each one of Mary's paintings she is combining her love for art, music and folklore.
You can visit MOOchas Gracias in Boston's beautiful North End, she will be grazing at the Old North Church on Salem Street.


Chickgun said...

Cow shown is almost finished!
he just needs his guitar and sombrero, and a few more touch ups!

mamiwatta said...

What a great design with moo cho fun and wit!! After all, Mexico is our neighbor, and we live in a world where latinos are a growing, vibrant and important part of our culture. How wonderful to see this acknowledgment shining thru in Art!! FELICIDADES!!!

Steef-y Le Beef said...

Mios dios, Moo-chas!!! There are Bovine Banditos about! Be careful!:

"Fiberglass cow disappears from Cow Parade public art display in Lisbon print"

May 18, 2006

LISBON, Portugal (AP) - Cowpyright, a fiberglass cow that was part of a public art project which has placed 101 painted cows on display in some of Lisbon's main squares, was stolen on Wednesday, news reports said.

Cow Parade, an international art movement which exhibits multicolored real life sized cow herds in central outdoor locations, has taken place in several cities around the world, including Zurich, Prague, Barcelona, Brussels, New York, Chicago, Stockholm, Tokyo and Sydney.

Cowpyright, a blue cow weighing 60 kilograms (132 pounds) and standing on a base which weighed another 350 kilogram (771.5 pounds), disappeared from Campo Pequeno in Lisbon.

Cowpyright's disappearance happened on the same day that Fruit Smoothie, a cow designed by 12 year-old artist Kathryn Pennel, was also stolen from Hanover Street in Edinburgh, Scotland, the British Broadcasting Corp. reported.

Fruit Smoothie was one of 94 cows on display in Edinburgh.

On the net: